Dr. Cantral Talks With Students About Importance of Sleep

Dr. Cantral Talks With Students About Importance of Sleep

Pulmonologist Dr. David David Cantral went back to college this week–to present to students that is.

Dr. Cantral was a keynote speaker at a seminar titled “You Sleep, You Win,” held December 3rd at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and sponsored by UNK Student Health & Counseling.

The event, which drew 61 students, was held in response to a 2018 student survey where 65 percent of UNK students asked for more information on sleep.

Dr. Cantral discussed how lack of sleep affects students’ bodies, both physically and mentally. In contrast, quality sleep has been proven to raise GPAs and lower the number of dropped classes. Dr. Cantral recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night for college-age students.

Small changes can make a big difference. “A person who gets eight hours of sleep versus a person who gets six hours of sleep, in 14 days, receives 2 nights more sleep,” said Cantral.

Sleep is especially important for athletes. “Athletes who got six hours of sleep compared to athletes who got eight hours of sleep (studied for 14 days) had an 11 percent decrease in cardio performance.  If you want to perform better, get more sleep,” said Cantral. On the field, better sleep also speeds reaction times and decreases injury risk.

Dr. Cantral was also joined by Dr. Hugo Gonzalez, Psychiatrist at Richard Young, who added: “When you go to bed it is time to sleep.  No electronics.  To keep your brain and your mind healthy you should not deprive your self of sleep.  Lack of oxygen is a sign of sleep deprivation.  See a doctor if you have sleep apnea, and are not getting oxygen during sleep.  Avoid taking medication to sleep, eventually you will need more medication over time to stay asleep.”

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